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Darpan ID: RJ/2015/0087820 | Regd No.: 25/DUNGARPUR/1991-92 | 12 A: AAAAM9232FE20211 | 80 G: AAAAM9232FF20219 | CSR: CSR00001325 | PAN Card No.: AAAAM9232F

Darpan ID: RJ/2015/0087820 | Regd No.: 25/DUNGARPUR/1991-92 | 12 A: AAAAM9232FE20211 | 80 G: AAAAM9232FF20219 | CSR: CSR00001325 | PAN Card No.: AAAAM9232F

About Us

+ - Legal Status


Muskan Sansthan – Dungarpur


Mr. Bharat Nagda

Registered with

Registrar, Societies, Dungarpur under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958 (Rajasthan Act No. 28, 1958)

Registration No. and Date

25/Dungarpur/1991-92   Dated: 07/01/1992

Name of the Organization

“Muskan Sansthan”, Dungarpur

FCRA Details

Registered with Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India under Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act 2010. Registration No. 125530015 Nature: Social,

Dated 27th November 2010

ISO 9001:2008


Certificate No.: 1014QAK87

Date of Registration: 05/12/2014

Quality Management System Assessed by JAS-ANZ, New Delhi

Exemption under

Income Tax Act 12A

Registration No. 37/25   Dated 1st April 2007

Exemption under

Income Tax Act 80G

Registration No.1375/2007-08 dated 28th December 2012

Juvenile Justice

Registered under Juvenile Justice Act 2000 (Amendment 2006) Para 2/C under Section 34 (3) “Protect Need and Care of Children in Rajasthan State”

Person with Disability

Registered under Person with Disability Act 1955, Section 52(2) dated 10th September 2013


Affiliated with National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), New Delhi to run Industrial Training Centre in 2 Trades-Electrician & Fitter

Registration No. DGET-6/20/59/2009-TC/28-08-2009




+ - Message From The Secretary

Our aim is to bring a never ending smile on the faces of deprived,Vulnerable and exploited section of the society in order to attach them with mainstream.During its Glorious 22 years the organization has rehabilitated hundreds of women who had been deprived of their homes for some reasons, ensured quality education for the children whose economical status was poor, provide shelter to women who did not have roof over their heads, Providerd vocational training to youth and women in order to attach them to income generation activities. MUSKAN envisions a socially just, technologically improved and democratic society, Free form ignorance ; hunger, fear and exploitation where poor and marginalized have equal opportunity and rightful share of resources, information and development process. We put in our best efforts to serve the society and reach those in need.


Bharat Nagda


+ - Background of the organisation

Muskan Sansthan is an NGO registered under Societies Registration Act 1958 (Rajasthan Act No. 28, 1958). Muskan Sansthan is operational since 1991. The society was established in the year of 1991 as ‘Women Rural Development and Technical Training Institute’ and later on 19.11.2012, the organization has changed its name as “Muskan Sansthan.” Muskan Sansthan is headquartered at Dungarpur (Rajasthan), It is non-political, not for profit, voluntary and non-government Organization (NGO).

Muskan Sansthan operates through a qualified team of professionals, which follows a standard set of operational manuals based on the philosophy of organization’s philanthropic mission, vision and objectives. In last 28 years, Muskan Sansthan has achieved certain milestones as also trust among the society and its stakeholders, sponsors and Govt. Departments.

We work for destitute women, deprived children, unemployed youths, younger generation, vulnerable, underprivileged and marginalized persons, labours etc. in rural as well as in urban areas of our operation.  The organization has been continuously executing various integrated development programs/projects and rendering help and active support to community and government departments in functionalism of various programmes/projects and schemes. We are extremely devoted towards excellent delivery of social services.

The organization receives financial assistance in terms of donation, fees, grants, help and grants-in-aid from government. The donation is exempted under Income Tax Act 12A and 80G. The audit is carrying out by the Charted Accountant.

+ - Genesis

The idea of forming a society came into minds of a group of social workers. They work with sincerity and complete devotion with renowned voluntary agencies operating in similar socio-economic circumstances. A time came when the new ideology needed freedom encouragement and proper support to be put into practice. As a result, Muskan Sansthan was done.

Mr. Bharat Nagda Arts Graduate by educational qualification and enriched in established contact with rural people, particularly tribal, resource agencies and organisations of similar thrust are among the active members of the groups referred to above.

+ - Objective

The objective of the organization is to bring smile on the faces of deprived, vulnerable and exploited section of the society and let them join the national mainstream.

Specific objectives

To train village youths to facilitate NFE for children and women so that they may become builders of their villages and creatures of their own culture and history

To cooperate with the development agencies so that all the efforts may, without any duplication serve the cause of the target people.

To promote initiatives such as agriculture development animal husbandry, village industries so as to develop economic order that may meet the credit and other needs of the people.

To motivate and promote people to protect nurture and their environment, which could contribute the shares in building up a world, which is maintained as if giving home for all the people of today and tomorrow.

To initiate community Health Education among the people so that they could be aware of the manifold health hazards and their won potentialities to take appropriate preventive, Promotive and curative health activities and evolve such a Health Care System which is effective, affordable, easily available and acceptable.

To carry out research and documentation as well as dissemination of relevant information for improving and sustaining the development process as Networking Service.

+ - Vision

MUSKAN dreams a socially, technologically improved and democratic society, free form ignorance, hunger, fear and exploitation where poor and marginalized both have equal opportunity and rightful share of resources, information and development processes

+ - Philosophy & Culture of Muskan

Our philosophy is based on human values and harmonious relations with victimized persons and among our team members. We work in a team spirit. We take care of the deprived, exploited, marginalized and vulnerable women, men, children, old age persons, mentally retardants, SC, ST, OBC, BPL community who are in trouble and need of help and support. We treat them humbly; sympathetically; provide immediate help; moral support and other necessary cooperation. We also give our due respects to the victimized persons without differentiating any religion, caste, creed and age. Muskan Sansthan make efforts to provide constitutional and legal rights to these people and tries to bring smile on their faces and encourage them to be a part of national mainstream.

We have been engaged in the multifaceted developmental activities since 1991 in three most backward districts namely Dungarpur, Udaipur, Banswara in Rajasthan state. Muskan Sansthan has organised women in separate forums known as ‘Mahila Mandal’ (Women Self Help groups) and Yuva Dal (Male Youth Group).

+ - Focus area of MUSKAN SANSTHAN

  1. Care and Protection of – Children, Women, Old age Persons through provision of shelter homes, education and health facilities
  2. Women Empowerment through SHG and Women Organisation
  • Vocational Skill Training to unemployed youth and their placement
  1. Training on Panchayati Raj to ensure women’s participation in PRIs
  2. Strengthen of Gram Panchayats / Right & Duties through participation in their panchayat level meetings
  3. Voter Sensitisation Campaign / Wall writing / Poster & pamphlet distribution / Nukkad Sabha in local weekly ‘Hatt’ at Vijwa Mata Mandir near Aspur of Dungarpur district and Tokra in Rishabhdev Tehsil of Udaipur district, Nagfani Temple in Modar village of Bichhiwara Tehsil in Dungarpur district.
  • Enrolment of voter and man and women
  • Training on role and responsibilities of Sarpanch & Ward member
  1. Training and capacity building of Self Governance System in women participation
  2. Training for selected Male & Female youths in Panchayat Samiti, Amended Laws, Zila Parishad etc
  3. Reservation of women in Panchayati Raj
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Health
  • Agro based Rural Technology
  1. Education
  • Vocational training
  • Livelihood research & Action


+ - Area of operation

According to the registered bylaws of Muskan Sansthan is authorised to operate its activities in any part of India but it has concentrated itself in 5 states of India viz. Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra. Our concentrated efforts are focussed in southern part of Rajasthan particularly in Dungarpur, Udaipur, Pratapgarh, Chittorgarh and Banswara Districts of Rajasthan.

+ - Target Group

The target group of Muskan Sansthan consists of the most exploited unorganised and the economically poorest in society, which in the area of operation happens to be the Women, Children, ST, SC, OBCs and the small and marginal farmers.

We Muskan Sansthan are marching ahead in launching different programs, which strengthen the process to promote the social and economic development of the lowest rungs of the society in order to create an environment for social change to improve their quality of life. Muskan Sansthan envisions establishing a non-exploitative self-reliant social order devoid of inequalities based on caste, creed, religion and sex, characterized by the dignity of the individuals, with the primacy of truth and non-violence for its perpetuation.

We dream to create a new social order in which the present unorganized and marginalized people including women and youth have share in decision making and where the decision of individuals communities and nations are based on the values of social justice, equality, truth, freedom and the dignity of human life.

+ - Operational strategy

Muskan Sansthan has adopted the strategy of involving the community in the process of planning and implementation of the activity conducted to achieve the objectives. It followed the principle of decentralisation of powers in the hands of the community. The community is motivated, trained and empowered to act as a project partner and not merely as beneficiary. Keeping this into account Muskan Sansthan decided its area of operation into 3 cluster is based on number of villages, CD Blocks and location. Special attention has also been paid to emphasise on the issue of the localities. The strategy adopted has enabled smooth administrative guidance to each cluster. It has also provided sufficient opportunities to develop the coordinating staff as facilitating leadership.

Muskan Sansthan has taken into account that participation of women in all activities is definitely ensured as real development. It can never take place without their involvement. It is very essential also from providing adequate opportunity to the women for their development point of view. Gender sensitisation has been main focus of Muskan Sansthan under its strategic approach.

Muskan Sansthan has paid special attention to it and tried to reduce it through strategic planning it has in fact started introducing phasing out from some of the village where there has been satisfactory achievement in leadership development.

There have been continuous programme of sharing experiences with the community as process of mobilising local know-how and existing knowledge as well as resources.


Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) is the skilling and placement initiative of the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD).  DDU-GKY has objectives of adding diversity to the incomes of rural poor families and cater to the career aspirations of rural youth. DDU-GKY is uniquely focused on rural youth between the ages of 15 to 35 years from poor families residing in rural areas. Muskan Sansthan as PIA has setup a world class Vocational Skill Training centre at Dungarpur to train youth in the sectors of Retail, Construction and IT. The centre has approved capacity of 210 youth with residential capacity of 140 youth

Integrated Rehabilitation Centre For Addicts (IRCAs)

Muskan Sansthan has set up an Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) and providing composite/ integrated services for the rehabilitation of the substance dependent person since January 2019. A small care unit of 15 beds with clinic and diagnostic center has been established at Ratanpur Road (State Highway), Dungarpur to make it easily accessible for all kind of people. It has adequate waiting space for an additional 25 visits in care, including room for stretchers and/or wheelchairs as also additional waiting space near counselling, laboratory and pharmacy venue. Careful attention is given to ventilation required to minimize nosocomial transmission.

This IRCA is responsible for preventive education and awareness generation among vulnerable and at-risk groups in the tribal dominated district of Dungarpur. IRCA envisages total recovery of the addicted person leading to his socio-economic rehabilitation through an appropriate combination of individual counseling. Muskan Sansthan through this IRCA aims to enabling the addict to achieve total abstinence and improve the quality of their lives. The detoxification services are provided for safe and ethical management of withdrawal symptoms. The addicts are helped to overcome the desire to use drugs even when he is in situations which were once tempting. So far 245 outdoor patients have been served whereas 187 addicts were admitted at IRCA for further treatment and discharged after satisfactory results post treatment.