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Darpan ID: RJ/2015/0087820 | Regd No.: 25/DUNGARPUR/1991-92 | 12 A: AAAAM9232FE20211 | 80 G: AAAAM9232FF20219 | CSR: CSR00001325 | PAN Card No.: AAAAM9232F

Darpan ID: RJ/2015/0087820 | Regd No.: 25/DUNGARPUR/1991-92 | 12 A: AAAAM9232FE20211 | 80 G: AAAAM9232FF20219 | CSR: CSR00001325 | PAN Card No.: AAAAM9232F

Conected to school 12230+


As per UNICEF data 7.1 million children in India do not go to school. Muskan Sansthanworks to ensure that all children go to school so that there is no child labour as well as building a promising future for these underprivileged children. In India due to illiteracy and poverty, the children who may be the future leaders do not get educated either because their parents cannot afford their education or they are not exposed to the progressive environment.

Muskan Sansthan organizes awareness programmes on the need and benefits of education. Education enhances one’s knowledge. Education is one of the methods of eliminating poverty as it creates independence of thought and develops a perspective of looking at life. Muskan Sansthan is also helping the illiterate parents to admit their children in the municipal school and is determined to build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

i) My Mother School:

In order to provide quality education in the city MUSKAN SANSTHAN established “My Mother School” in 2012 for the children those parents are working couple and not able to give time to their children this school provide them quality education. There are digital classrooms and the children are taught via audio visual technique. It is the only bagless day boarding school in the city. More than 25%of the students are being given the education free of cost.

ii) ITI (Industrial Training Institute) :

ARCHAND NAGDA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTER Pyarchand Nagda Industrial Training Center (PCNITC), Dungarpur has been promoted by MUSKAN SANSTHAN. It was established in 2009-10 by a group of professional entrepreneurs and qualified engineers with a view to meet contemporary industrial and technological needs of the nation, thus serving society through education and development. The personnel have sound technical background and experience in various leading industries and academic institution.

iii) Open Shelter :

Muskan Sansthan has initiated this program for children who are classified as rag pickers, child labor, beggars, street and working children, small vendors, street performers, orphaned, deserted, trafficked and run away children, children of migrant population and any other vulnerable group of children come under open shelter program. Muskan Sansthan find the children who are not willing to go to school either remain at home or roaming around the places without any aim and ambitions in their life and such children are asked and advised to come under open shelter program and these children are allowed to remain in the institution during the day and leave to their respective homes in the evening but for the children who are homeless are allowed to stay back. And this program is also about to take children back to school.

As of now MUSKAN SANSTHAN has connected more then 12230 children to school.