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Darpan ID: RJ/2015/0087820 | Regd No.: 25/DUNGARPUR/1991-92 | 12 A: AAAAM9232FE20211 | 80 G: AAAAM9232FF20219 | CSR: CSR00001325 | PAN Card No.: AAAAM9232F

Darpan ID: RJ/2015/0087820 | Regd No.: 25/DUNGARPUR/1991-92 | 12 A: AAAAM9232FE20211 | 80 G: AAAAM9232FF20219 | CSR: CSR00001325 | PAN Card No.: AAAAM9232F

Banifisharies 13500+ Families

Banifisharies 13500+ Families

i )Human right camps :

The Human Rights Day is observed on the 10th December every year. Human Rights awareness camps were organized by MUSKAN SANSTHAN for the underprivileged children and people living in the slums in the area. Employees from MUSKAN SANSTHAN participated in these initiatives and aware.

ii) Legal Awareness Camps :

The organization organize various awareness camps like women empowerment through knowledge about their rights for literacy, education, voting, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child marriage, low girl child ratio, labor laws, dowry system, exploitation, work place harassment, right to information, legal laws, physical harassment, security for women, medical and health related issues, HIV/ AIDS control.

iii)Sanitation camps :

Health Awareness Program was initiated with the aim to make people understand the importance of good health. These camp are organized for the underprivileged children and people living in slum Areas. Since, in India the slum areas are not too hygienic and neither the people living in such areas are aware of preventing themselves from the various diseases they can suffer from due to in- hygiene. Therefore, we made our aim to educate them and provide them with knowledge to live more hygienically so that they too can lead a healthy life and prevent themselves and their families from any health issues. This camp has benefited over 2800 households in the entire communities. We educated them about sanitation, hygiene, health issues, tuberculosis, etc. Apart from our regular action plan we also took initiatives for the welfare of the workers and community by conducting need based camps. We made them aware about how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through conducting free health screening.

iv) Agriculture camps :

MUSKAN SANSTHAN organized agriculture awareness programs every year in Rajasthan. Climate change is one of the major issues being faced by all the communities. We have organized climate change awareness programs in many district of southern Rajasthan. We also promote awareness among the farmers about the importance of Organic farming. We make them aware that properly managed organic farming will reduce or eliminate water pollution and help conserve water and soil on the farm thereby enhancing sustainability and agro-biodiversity. Farmers are encouraged to protect the long term fertility of soils by maintaining organic matter levels, encouraging soil biological activity, and careful mechanical intervention. We make them aware that about providing crop nutrients indirectly using relatively insoluble nutrient sources which are made available to the plant by the action of soil micro- organisms.

v) HIV-AIDS Awareness Camps:

The organization organize HIV/AIDS awareness programme time to time. In these camps, the causes of AIDS and its precautions are discussed among different sections of society by the means of road shows, templates, society meetings, kiosks, programmes in schools and colleges.

So far through this Awareness Camps Muskan Sansthan has benefited more than 13500 Families.